Riding the Rollercoaster

I like rollercoasters.

This is fortunate, because I am currently living on one. Not literally (imagine partaking of coffee on a loop …!) but figuratively.  Spousal Unit was laid off due to a company sell-out/off/bankruptcy and now he is having to find a job.  But in this area, there is a dearth of jobs in his field.  He has perforce needed to apply…elsewhere.

Out of state.

This is rather exciting, I think. I believe wholeheartedly that nothing is a surprise to God. No, he doesn’t move the world for my benefit, but I know he loves me and I know he’s not out to ruin the life of my family. He just keeps it…interesting. Like riding a rollercoaster.

Right now, we’re on that uphill climb.  Buckled in. Prepared.  The offspring units are hanging on to the sides or the handlebars and watching with some trepidation as we climb, but no one’s freaking out.  With each interview Spousal Unit goes to, I feel like we’re getting closer to the peak of the ride. That moment of anticipation before the screaming, laughing, exhilarating plunge.

I’m not afraid of plunging.  🙂  I know I’m safe and secure and prepared for the ride.  We’ve done all we can to make this as smooth and safe a ride as possible.  I trust the One who has his hand on the controls.

I love riding the rollercoaster. 🙂