Starting Over


I don’t know if anyone is still out there, but I thought I’d clear this blog out and start over, as the whim takes me or the spirit moves.

Condensed Life Update:

Spousal Unit’s company (that he worked for, not that he owned) filed bankruptcy and he was laid off. He is now interviewing for a new job. I have utter faith that everything will be as God wills it, and am thankful we were prepared for adverse circumstances.

Cyclone (aka Big Guy or BG) is finishing his Junior Year in high school. He’s an honor student, studying web design and TV production as well as advanced anatomy and honors history.

Builder (aka Little Guy or LG) is going to be taking the FCATs starting next week. The meds are working well (thankfully!) and he’s gradually emerging from the hospital homebound education to a regular school day.

Me? I’ve recently put out a new book. (Check for My Site on the sidebar for a link.) I’m reissuing Captive Irish Moon with an improved glossary and larger type. I’m doing more freelancing, too, as well as playing MomTaxi and writing for various entertainment formats. 🙂

More later. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ll have to re-learn habits. 😉